Ginza Six's Wholesale Corporate Program

Ginza Six's Wholesale Corporate Program

Attention, business owners and professionals in the retail space! Ginza Six, a name synonymous with high-quality and trendsetting home décor, is thrilled to announce its latest venture: a comprehensive wholesale corporate program designed exclusively for those looking to resell our coveted products.

The Offering 

Our wholesale corporate program isn’t just about bulk-buying products at preferential rates. It’s about forging partnerships, sharing in our brand's vision, and bringing the unique aesthetic of Ginza Six to a broader audience.

Whether you operate a niche gift store or helm a bustling department store, whether you’ve got a digital-first e-commerce site or run a sprawling big-box store – we’re offering an opportunity to integrate the Ginza Six collection into your offerings. Museums with a flair for incorporating style into their gift shops can also benefit from our expansive range.

Why Partner with Ginza Six?

  1. Quality: Our home decor products stand out in the market because of their unparalleled quality.
  2. Trendsetting Designs: The contemporary designs and unique aesthetics of our products ensure they are always in demand.
  3. Support: As a partner, you’ll receive our full support in terms of promotional materials, display suggestions, and more.

How to Join?

If you’re ready to align with our esteemed brand and believe that your customer base would resonate with our products, here’s how to get started:

Submission of Details: Provide us with the following details:

  • Company Name: The registered name of your business.
  • Full Name: Your complete name or the primary contact person for business communications.
  • Email & Phone Number: Best contact details to reach you.
  • Type of Store: Specify from the following categories - home decor store, gift store, department store, general retail store, big box store, e-commerce site, or museum.
  • State & Country: Your business's primary location.
  • Website URL: If you have an online presence, share your website link.

Evaluation: Once you've submitted the necessary details, our team will assess the information, ensuring that our products align well with your store and target demographic.

Onboarding: Approved partners will be onboarded, and our team will guide you through the next steps.

Please submit your application to


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